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Lots of stuff goes on in this shop, located in Lorette, Manitoba.

Primarily it's the building and repair of classic wood & canvas canoes, and the making of premium canoe paddles. I also do custom boat building, composite fabrication, and special projects. A growing passion of mine is the making of classical guitars, I'll post about that, too.

I want to be able to share with my clients the progress of their commissioned work. Later I started thinking that there might be other people who are interested in what goes on inside a wooden canoe shop operated by an artist and a recovering teacher.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email, phone, or by post. My mailing address is:

Red River Canoe & Paddle
24249 River Rd
Lorette, Manitoba
R5K 0Z6

Douglas Ingram Musical Instruments.

There is something very rewarding about taking a few pieces of wood and crafting them into something extraordinary.  That is what lutherie is.

Most of my effort are in guitar making as that is the instrument that I play.  I am mostly interested in classical guitars, but there are a few, select, types of steel string guitar that I am interested in building as well.

I also build the Viola da Gamba (viol of the leg).  This started by a simple request fro my wife (who plays 'cello and loves Baroque music) that she would one day love to play the Viola da Gamba.  I am pretty sure that I am now the only luthier in the province who builds violas da gamba!  And I am still finishing my first!

Here I will present finished instruments.  Progress stories of construction will be provided on the Blog portion of this site.

Instruments will be available for sale.  Commission inquires are welcomed.

Douglas Ingram


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