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Lots of stuff goes on in this shop, located in Lorette, Manitoba.

Primarily it's the building and repair of classic wood & canvas canoes, and the making of premium canoe paddles. I also do custom boat building, composite fabrication, and special projects. A growing passion of mine is the making of classical guitars, I'll post about that, too.

I want to be able to share with my clients the progress of their commissioned work. Later I started thinking that there might be other people who are interested in what goes on inside a wooden canoe shop operated by an artist and a recovering teacher.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email, phone, or by post. My mailing address is:

Red River Canoe & Paddle
24249 River Rd
Lorette, Manitoba
R5K 0Z6

Saturday 9 April 2011

The new rowboat is off of the mold! Looks like a boat, and a pretty one at that. The structure is actually very stable even without the gunnels and thwart/seats in. Time to clean up all the joints and surfaces, and to seal all of the plywood edges. Then I can make the interior parts.

Now I need to get the mold out of the way until I need it next. I am going to leave it together to avoid all of the work of setting it up again. The open structure is actually not all that heavy, but it is bulky.

One of the necessary steps is to build an internal strongback. Just setting up the stations required only that they be on the strongback. Taking them off means that there has to be something to keep everything together. Now, where to put it...?

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